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Success is Sweet

Becoming Fearless launched just over 2 weeks ago and I'm blown away by the success of the book in just this short time. I offer heartfelt thanks to the 1,000 readers who have downloaded the promotional ebook or purchased the print book. Readers are posting comments of praise every day.

Professional Reviewers are saying:

"The memoir tracks the many harsh realities of trekking through rugged landscapes. Both the risks and the rewards are many. From an up-close look at a sleepy lioness to exploring a wilderness that, in the present day, is nowhere near what it was like in 1980, the author describes many astounding moments." - Kirkus Reviews

"You'll hear a lion's roar near your remote tent site, feel the jolts of fear when your inflatable raft is surrounded by agitated hippos, feel the aching shoulders and sun-blistered lips." - Robin Clifford Wood, author of The Field House

"Smith guides us on her journey of discovery, plunging us with vivid, cinematic detail into the stunning, wild landscape of Tanzania in the era before the impacts of overcrowding and commercial development marred its natural beauty, and illegal poaching decimated its animal populations." - Melanie Brooks, author of A Hard Silence and Writing Hard Stories

"Throughout the rather amazing journey she documents, she constantly questions her decision to be in this position, in this place, yet carries on. It is this courage which serves as the motivation for her later, very different types of adventures." - Michael D. Burke, author of The Same River Twice, and Emeritus Professor of English and Creative Writing at Colby College.

Verified purchasers (that's many of you!) have already posted 43 five-star ratings and left wonderful reviews comments on Amazon, including:

"A bold and exciting journey of strength"

"This book is pure fun,"

"A safari like no other,"

"An engaging and inspiring read. Highly recommend!"

"Truly a journey of the human spirit,"

"A pleasure to read from the first page,"


"A "couldn't put it down" kind of book,"

"Riveting, yes! Humorous, yes! And finally, inspiring, a resounding yes!"

"Fast-paced, heartwarming and triumphant,"

If you enjoyed reading Becoming Fearless, and haven't posted a review yet, it's never too late. I'm grateful for every review a reader leaves. The more reviews a potential buyer sees, the more apt they are to purchase a copy. Equally important are review comments on Goodreads, for those of you who use it to check out books.

I couldn't have done this launch without YOU! And I hope you'll continue to help me spread the word about my book with your families, friends, book clubs (see the tab on the website with questions to facilitate discussions of the book), and local libraries.

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