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Beyond Fearless: Special Zoom Event

Updated: Apr 10

On November 2nd, adventure traveler extraordinaire, Richard Bangs, my former boss at Sobek Expeditions, joined me for a Zoom meeting with a group of my enthusiastic readers. In my memoir, Becoming Fearless: Finding Courage in the African Wilderness, Richard decided I needed a "real" adventure and "twisted my arm" to accompany him on a life-changing journey, 42 years ago through Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve, then scaling Mount Kilimanjaro.

Our spirited conversation centered on things my readers wanted to know more about related to that raft journey through the wilderness of the largest game reserve in Africa. I also asked Richard to explain what we could expect in his latest book published this week, titled The Art of Living Dangerously: Fifty Years of living on the Edge. He explained that for him, living means constantly moving to discover unknown people and places on our planet and to understand the interconnectedness of everything in our world

You can view a recording of this fascinating conversation on my You Tube Channel by clicking on the link below.

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