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Rivers of Ink


contributions by Brenda E. Smith

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 $4.99                $14.99       

Flowing through the heart of Maine, the Penobscot River has shaped the lives of generations. Rivers of Ink: Literary Reflections on the Penobscot, a compelling new anthology, captures the essence of this storied waterway through diverse literary reflections.

Showcasing the work of local writers, this collection offers intimate perspectives on the Penobscot's enduring presence and influence. The writings delve into the region's rich history, the river's ties to industry and livelihoods, and the deep personal connections felt by those who call its banks home.

Beyond exploring the past, it also examines the Penobscot's role today, highlighting environmental and climate issues as well as the river's resilience. This timely anthology celebrates the spirit of place through vivid essays, fiction and poetry that bring the sights, sounds, and significance of the mighty Penobscot to life.

Goose Rive Anthology.jpg

Goose River Anthology 2022


contributions by Brenda E. Smith

Available Now

Hardcover       Paperback

 $41.95                $16.95       

The 20th anniversary edition of Goose River Anthology 2022 is a fine collection of the best poetry, fiction, and essays submitted to us from all parts of the United States. There are over 80 talented authors represented in this volume. Many are seasoned writers, while some are being published for the first time. Don't miss your chance to experience this rare treasure.

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